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Banking Resume Template - Showcase Your Skills and Secure Your Dream Job

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Rosalie Lulltz - Resume


  • Presentation, customer service, marketing and sales skills.
  • Interviewing, training, auditing, recruiting skills along with cost reduction skills.
  • Ability to work within deadlines, management and bookkeeping skills.


Eastern Development Corporation Ltd, St. Maria, Connecticut
Associate Vice President - Commercial real estate Company

  • Planned advertising agendas, created new types of customer services, conceptualized customer care center, created new revenue and recovery theories which are customer friendly.
  • Developed new sales technique which attracted customers tremendously.
  • Presented the annual budget which were admired and the budget was passed in the board meeting.
  • Monitored the interns’ performance.

One Bank, St. Capri, Mississippi
Consumer Banking Supervisor

  • Trained, interviewed, appointed and supervised 32 employees.
  • Resolved conflicts between customer and bank.
  • Created a new family savings scheme.
  • Verified and passed all the resumes of the board meetings.
  • Planning a publicity campaigns for new schemes and offers.


Santa Maria Bay Business and Banking Institute, Santa Bay, Connecticut
Office Management and Business Law courses

  • Banking law, Business law, auditing, and taxation, principles of banking, world banking theories, business communication, marketing management and statistics.
  • Retail Banking from American High Corporate Education Institution, Quality service training and cost accounting as major.
  • Other seminars and grade training on banking, administration and management skills.

Community Involvement

  • Alpha Beta Gama Charitable Sorority, Former President, Senior Vice President, and Joint Secretary
  • Business Administration Association, member of Connecticut Business Club, Associate to the Secretary