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Paloma Faith - Resume


  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication – May 2000
  • Northwestern University – Southville, California
  • Minors: Management and Marketing Device
  • Overall GPA: 3.52/4.0 Major GPA: 3.68/4.0

Professional Experience

HR Intern - The Management Consulting Group - Southville, California – Summer 2002

  • Assistant to the in charge of the consulting team of Big Money Company.
  • Keeping records of Yearly, quarterly and monthly benefits and payrolls to clients such as J. Roll Automobiles and Lamborghini.
  • Interview co-coordinator for temporary employees.

Project Experience

Development and Training:

  • Analysis conductor for the problems faced by Nido Assessment Agency and bringing out the result and analysis.
  • Conducted Design Training Program under Tim Gun Institution of Fashion and provided recommendations to the company.

Additional Experience

Bartender - The Cooler Cart – Macarthy, South California – June 2000 to present

  • Customer service provider and in charge of serving 500 drinks per business hour.
  • Training new bartenders.
  • Ensuring legality, crowd management, quality control in charge.


  • Madison Society of Illinois
    • Marketing plan developer, created a new plan which increased members by 35%.
    • Developed a fundraising event that collected $6000 for homeless children in Illinois.
  • Society for the Advanced Human Resource Management
  • Communication Society for Undergraduate Students of California
  • Eastern Advertising Forum
  • Professional Business Advancement Fraternity of South California
  • Dean's List: 3 Semesters
  • Magna Carta Scholarship Award:2002
  • In charge of California Keep Clean Forum
  • Illinois Fast Food chain Quality Control Forum Member